Canale Realty LLC.
6 Step Process

To Selling Your Home for the Maximum Price

Step 1.  Home Evaluation
1. Our office will schedule a visit to inspect both the inside and outside of your home.

2. During the evaluation process, we will complete a full property spec sheet, which will go over all the details of the property inside and out.

Step 2.  Legal Due Diligence

1. Canale Realty will check your home for any possible violations.  If any violations exist the homeowner will have time to resolve the issues prior to the closing.

2. We will also obtain the balance of both the water bill and tax bill for the property so that the homeowner is aware of any outstanding balances prior to the closing.

3. We will check the NYC Property records to review the number of mortgages and/or possible judgments that are against the home.

4. The above due diligence performed by us advises homeowners of possible obstacles and title issues that may later impede them from closing on their home.

Step 3. Home Stager

1. Canale Realty’s home stager will visit your home. A stager is a person who views the inside of your home and provides suggestions on how to utilize what you have to give a great visual appearance to future buyers.

2. Our stager will give you a suggested list of pointers that the homeowners can use, for example decluttering rooms, removing unnecessary garbage, etc. This will ultimately maximize the appeal and home size to the buyers.

3. Our stager will provide a list of suggested repairs. Keep in mind a buyer will reduce their offer by thousands of dollars for items that the homeowners can repair for minimal costs.

4. Canale Realty will provide a list of suggested contractors or if the homeowner wishes, they can repair the items themselves. 

Step 4. Cleaning Service

1. Prior to the date of the open house Canale Realty cleaning service will go to your home to do a basic cleaning.

2. Although cleaning is optional, buyers purchase homes by the use of two senses: sight and smell. Homes that are appealing to the eye and smell pleasant are more likely to incite interest in a buyer.

Step 5. Open House

1. Prior to the open house Canale Realty will speak with the homeowner to determine the type of buyer they are looking for: cash or financed buyer. Canale Realty’s main objective is to determine exactly what the homeowner wants from a buyer.

2. Open house will take place with a minimum of two Canale Realty agents to assure that people are not wandering about in the home without supervision.

Step 6.  Evaluation of Buyer
1. With all offers, buyer’s preapproval/ proof of funds will be obtained.

2. We will obtain the buyer’s credit scores.

3. We will ascertain whether a buyer has filed bankruptcy previously which can impede the mortgage process.

4. We will follow up with buyer’s attorney to assure contracts are executed promptly.

5. Lastly, we will serve as an intermediary between the buyer’s attorney and seller’s attorney to assure the closing occurs promptly and without obstacles.



Canale Realty is here to serve your needs in a Professional and Efficient Manner